What are you doing for the good of motorcycling in 2018?

Inspired by this article in Revzilla, I started thinking about what I could do for the good of motorcycling in 2018.

First, keep writing articles here! By sharing rides, camping trips, and mindful experiences, maybe this year this site will be the conversation starter that gets someone new into motorcycling. I’ll be at the Brewtown Rumble and the Milwaukee Rally.

Secondly, continue my work with ABATE of Wisconsin. We are looking at rolling out a new website for ABATE and hopefully attract more people to the cause of motorcycle rights.

Of course, I’m going to have to get out there and ride. We’re already seeing signs that we might have some early warm days like we did last year. There’s risk of over-promising and under-delivering, but I’d like to personally get out for at least these trips in 2018:

(Don’t tell Mrs. Roadrunner, I like to spring things on her one at a time)

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